crossapps is teaming with best in class business partners to provide complete inter-company solutions for our customers. Our focus on developing and delivering enterprise software solutions provides opportunities for our business partners to add value in the areas of sales, consulting, implementation and closely related technology areas. crossapps is currently working with the following types of business partners:

Distribution Partners / Value Added Reseller (VAR)

In order to serve the global marketplace at the same level of quality, crossapps is required to partner closely with local / regional distribution partners. Our distribution partners help provide our customers with best-of-class technology solutions to support their mission-critical collaboration applications. A crossapps VAR takes responsibility for a market segment / geographical area and provides sales support, support (hotline) and consulting services.

Agent Partners

This type of partner focuses on a specific market segment / geographical area. In comparison to the VAR, an Agent Partner is not providing its own support organization. The Agent Partner initiates the sales cycle and helps crossapps to promote their products in the marketplace. Support (hotline) is provided through crossapps.

Implementation Partners / Consulting Partners

With our focus on developing and delivering industry leading solutions for the medium to large enterprise, our implementation partners play a key role in the successful deployment of our products. Our solutions provide an excellent opportunity for our implementation partners to apply their industry leading methodologies and best practices toward meeting demanding customer service level agreements (SLA).

If you are interested in becoming a crossapps partner, please fill out the partner form.