The process of choosing, implementing and then operating new information technologies is complex. crossapps corp. experienced professionals help you make the best choices. We understand business and technology and make a long-term commitment to your business success. We help you decide which innovative technologies to consider and how best to implement them while providing ongoing support to keep them running smoothly.

crossapps Professional Services offer a wide range of services to assist customers in the various stages of their mission-critical business operations. When it comes to choosing new innovative technologies, integrating them with existing IT infrastructure or providing ongoing support to keep IT systems running efficiently, crossapps' service professionals have the know-how and business expertise to manage complex and demanding projects.

Commitment to Customer first

crossapps corp. is committed to providing the best solutions, services and technologies that translate into real business value for you. Our skilled consultants bring expertise and a commitment to excellence on every project. They are carefully selected for their ability to make a contribution to the team, for their technical expertise, business acumen, and for their ability to focus on delivering a project—on time and on budget. Whether we provide a complete project team or individuals to supplement your team, you will find a consistent, high level of commitment and dedication to you.

Business and IT Challenges

Today you are faced with a multitude of business challenges. The focus on productivity and profitability are critical considerations. The business climate today requires you to respond quickly to change while leveraging existing technology investments. Providing innovation, increasing efficiencies and business effectiveness are key hurdles that many organizations must overcome.

crossapps' Professional Services organization is your resource to help you plan, implement and deploy flexible, cost effective solutions.

crossapps corp. concentrates its development activities on products and solutions that focus on SAP related integration using XML standards and web-based solutions, such as Web services and secure connections to SAP Business Systems.

We offer a wide range of Professional Services in two distinct areas to help your organization gain a strategic and competitive edge:

  • Business Innovation Services (Business Consulting)
  • Business Integration and Technology Services (Solution Implementation)

Business Consulting Services

Our Business Consulting Services provide strong information building blocks to ensure that you are maximizing your investment in the technologies and solutions you choose. We provide your decision makers with a predetermined process or format to ensure all factors have been considered, enabling them to inherently determine the risk factors and other major success factors.

We enable your decision makers to analyze a business situation in a thorough and concise manner, with the objective of making an effective decision. Effective decisions limit risk while increasing your chances for success. We enable this process by providing the expertise, methodology and information so that you will not be making your critical business decisions in the dark.

Our Business Consulting Services may include:

  • Business Case Analysis  
  • Feasibility Studies  
  • Assessment and Planning  
  • Proofs of Concept  
  • Architecture Planning
  • Coaching 

Business Integration and Technology Services

crossapps' Business Integration and Technology Services put the emphasis on transforming technology innovation into long-term business value. crossapps corp. adds value to your business with solid innovative solutions, a standards-based approach and world-class services to address your business integration needs.

We add significant business value by helping organizations, implementing effective solutions, protect investments in various architectures and applications and solve the total business integration requirements in today's challenging business environments.

We have an excellent track record in building tailored IT solutions. Our service professionals help you create the bridge between innovation and implementation of a long-term business solution.

Our Business Integration and Technology Services include:

  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Application Development
  • Data Integration

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